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Campaign Strategy

We bring a new age of political research and strategy. The core of our work is data-backed research which aids decision making processes by providing insights into ground realities. Based on this, Polstrat creates 360 degree multifaceted campaigns covering all the pressure points, from voter targeting to cadre management.


We understand the importance of offline and online presence in the political arena. By building a brand that resonates with voters, we ensure our strategies for our clients can be promoted extensively to reach every last voter, online and offline.

Granular data collection and surveying

Polstrat collects first-hand data on public perception through a national network. This is done at a granular level via CATI, IDIs, focus groups, and opinion and exit polling. This level of information can be a game-changer, allowing a direct line into what people are thinking and feeling politically in every corner of the country.


Based on mined data, our robust data science team creates insights, making these data sets actionable, turning them into solutions for you and the voters.


Polstrat goes beyond and offers technological and software solutions to individuals and organisations - from project management to data collection, we cover it all.

Business and Marketing Advisory

With an exceptional team of professionals, Polstrat also provides operational and marketing consulting to businesses aiding their growth and expansion.

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